Gold plated screw tube conversion kit for fitting leather straps to TAG Heuer S/el gents models listed below

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With replacement steel bracelets for the S/el models now hard to find, and very expensive if you are lucky enough to locate one, many owners of this model would like to fit one of our leather straps instead.

Until now this has also been difficult, as the screw tubes used to attach the leather strap to the first two metal links on the S/el have been difficult (and very expensive) to obtain from TH.

We now have the solution, in the shape of a set of screw tubes specifically designed to allow the fitment of one of our leather straps. The screw tubes have been made specially for us to the precise dimensions required out of high quality brass with gold plating (a nickel plated brass set is also available), and when used in conjunction with a suitable buckle (see our buckle section) and one of our leather straps they provide a complete "conversion kit" for changing from a steel bracelet to a leather strap.

To remove the existing steel bracelet from an S/el requires that it be dismantled, working from the clasp end towards the watch. Unlike other metal bracelets the S/el one cannot simply be removed intact by detaching it from the watch end - each link has to be separated until you are left with the two on the watch that the leather band attaches to. The links have to be pulled apart (they are joined by a pin with a groove at the end, see our images above). Sometimes you can get them apart by pulling and twisting, but you may need to use a soft pry tool. For anyone with reasonable manual dexterity this is not particularly difficult, but it is a little fiddly and time-consuming.

If you are based in the UK we can perform the conversion for you if you send your watch in to us - please contact us for further details.

This set of screw tubes is compatible with TAG Heuer S/el gents watches with the following model numbers:

CG1110 CG1111 CG1112 CG1117 CG1120 CG1121 CG1123 CG2110 WG111 WG1110
WG1112 WG1113 WG1118 WG1120 WG1121 WG1122 WG1127 WG1130 WG1191 WG2110
WG2120 WG2150 WG5110 WG5111 WG5112 WG5113 WG5114 WG5115 WG5116 WG5117
WG5118 WG5120 S25.706C S35.006 S35.406 S39.306 S87.006 S87.806 S89.206 S89.706
S90.806 S93.306 S94.406C S94.706 S95.806 S99.206 S99.306C

More Information
Colour Gold
Style Suede
Clasp/Buckle Screw & Tube
Make TAG Heuer
Model Number Sel,CG1110,CG1111,CG1112,CG1120,CG1121,CG1123,CG2110,WG111,WG1110,WG1112,WG1113,WG1118,WG1121,WG1122,WG1130,WG1191,WG2110,WG2120,WG2150,WG5110,WG5111,WG5112,WG5113,WG5114,WG5115,WG5116,WG5117,WG5118,WG5120,S35.406,S25.706C,S87.006,S87.806,S89.206,S89.706,