Watch Strap World FAQ

We are constantly modifying the Watch Strap World FAQ section. On this page you will find questions and answers in relation to the watch straps we sell. If your question is not on the list, please send it to: sales@watchstrapworld.com so we can answer it and update this section.

How do I find the correct strap for my model?

The easiest is to search by watch name (eg. Carrera, Monaco, Monza for example). If you have the model number from the back of the watch you can search using that, but if there is a dash (-) in the model number, only search using the numbers prior to the dash. For instance, if your model number is CW2110-0, only put CW2110 in the search box.

Are your straps & clasps genuine branded TAG Heuer items?

No, our straps are high quality replacement items. We believe they are at least equivalent in quality to the originals, but they are far more affordable.

When considering the purchase of a replacement leather strap, bear in mind that manufacturers like TAG Heuer do not make the leather straps they supply with their watches. They are produced for them by third party strap suppliers, and the company's involvement extends no further than having their name stamped on the inside of the strap - that's really all you are paying for!

What guarantee do you offer on your items?

Most suppliers of leather watch straps consider them to be consumable items, and do not offer any formal warranty. We are so confident in the quality of our straps, however, that we offer a 12-month replacement warranty on them - if one should prove defective during this period, simply return it to us along with proof of purchase, and we will send you a replacement free of charge.

I need a strap for my TAG Heuer watch. Why do you need to know the model number of my watch & clasp?

We need those details because it is the only way to tell you what strap will be suitable for your watch/clasp combination. Not all of the TAG Heuer models - even within the same series - are fitted with the same strap & clasp, and because of differences in strap design & thickness between them, not all straps can be interchanged between the different clasp models, even though they may look the same to a casual observer. There are also differences in strap size between models in the same series - there are five different strap widths for the various Carrera models, for instance

How do I change the strap on my watch?

Please see the Fitting Instructions page on our website.

If a strap size is described as being 22/18 mm or 18/16 mm, what does that mean?

The first number is the width of the strap where it attaches to the watch, i.e. between the mounting lugs on the watch case. The second number is the width of the short strap section where it attaches to the deployment clasp. Both dimensions are in millimetres.

Do you offer a fitting tool?

Yes, we offer a choice of spring bar/pin removal tools that can be used to change most straps & clasps, please see the Tools page.

What if I want to return the item I have bought?

As long as the item is unmarked and can be resold as new, we are happy to offer a refund of the purchase price. You will need to cover the cost of returning the item to us.

How quickly do you ship?

Orders received before 3 pm are usually shipped the same day (Mon-Fri). Orders received later than this will be shipped the following working day. We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.

Are your straps made of genuine leather?

Yes they are. Our crocodile-style straps have an embossed pattern to simulate the appearance of crocodile skin.

Can you custom make a leather strap for me?

Unless there is something really unusual about the strap, in most cases the answer will be yes; please see our Custom Strap page for further information.

Do your straps include clasps?

No, clasps are not supplied with the straps. We do offer a range of compatible clasps suitable for most of the straps we sell, please see our Clasps & Buckles page.

I currently have a metal bracelet on my watch & would like to replace it with a leather strap. Can I use the clasp from the metal bracelet?

No, a leather strap requires a different type of clasp; you cannot use the clasp from a metal bracelet.

Can your straps be used with pin buckles?

Unless this is specifically stated in the item description, no.