Black crocodile-style leather deployment strap with white stitching to fit TAG Heuer 6000 Series mid-sized models

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Color: Black with white stitching

These superb quality straps are designed specifically to fit the TAG Heuer 6000 Series mid-sized watch. Just like the originals, they have a small metal fixing plate at the end of the strap which attaches to the back of the watch casing with two small screws (these are not supplied, you will need to use the ones from your original strap).

The straps are approximately 17 mm wide at the watch end, and approximately 15 mm at the clasp end. Lengths are approximately 108 mm & 72 mm respectively. The dimension between the mounting holes on the metal fixing plates is 15 mm, measured between the hole centres.

This strap is suitable for the following 6000 Series models:

WH1211 WH1212 WH1213 WH1214 WH1215
WH1216 WH1250 WH1251 WH1252 WH1253
WH5211 WH5212 WH5213 WH5214 WH5215
WH5216 WH524 WH5251 WH5252 WH5253

Please also note that these straps are ONLY for use with the original TAG Heuer deployment clasp, model FC5004; they are not suitable replacements for pin buckle straps, nor can they be used with the deployment clasp from a metal bracelet, as the design is completely different.

We offer a twelve-month replacement guarantee on these straps - if the strap is defective in any way, simply return it to us and we will send you a replacement free of charge.

More Information
Colour Black
Stitching Colour White
Lining Suede
Strap Section Lengths (mm) 108/72
Thickness at watch/at clasp (mm) 5.0/1.6
Style Crocodile pattern
Clasp/Buckle Deployment
Make TAG Heuer
Model Number 6000 series mid-size,WH1211,WH1212,WH1213,WH1214,WH1215,WH1216,WH1250,WH1251,WH1252,WH1253,WH5211,WH5212,WH5213,WH5214,WH5215,WH5216,WH524,WH5251,WH5252,WH5253