22/18 mm black sports perforated genuine leather deployment type strap with silver stitching to fit TAG Heuer Monaco models listed - please read clasp fitment notes

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Color: Black with silver stiching and suede lining.

A black sports perforated strap with silver stitching to fit the following TAG Heuer Monaco models:

CAW2110 CAW2111 CAW2112 CAW2113 CAW2114 CAW2115 CAW2116 CAW2117
CAW2118 CAW2119 CAW211A CAW211B CAW211C CAW211D CAW211E CAW211J
CAW211Y CAW211Z CW2110 CW2111 CW2112 CW2113 CW2114 CW2115
CW2116 CW2117 CW2118 CW2119 CAW211A WAW1310 WAW1313 WAW1315
WAW1316 WAW131A WAW131B WAW131C WAW131E WW2110 WW2111 WW2112
WW2113 WW2114 WW2115 WW2116 WW2117 WW2118 WW2119

The straps are 22 mm wide at the watch end, tapering down to 18 mm at the clasp end. Lengths are 104 mm & 84 mm respectively. The straps are custom made of genuine leather with a beige suede lining.

We offer a twelve-month replacement guarantee on these straps - if the strap is defective in any way, simply return it to us and we will send you a replacement free of charge.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please read the following information before placing your order:

1. A clasp is NOT included with this strap. You need to transfer the deployment clasp over from your old strap.

2. PLEASE CHECK the model number of your deployment clasp. It is marked on the clasp itself, usually on one of the deployment arms, and will start with the letters FC. The markings are quite small so you need to look closely - and remember to look on both sides of the arms. ALL genuine TAG Heuer clasps have a model number marked on them. This strap is ONLY compatible with the following clasp model numbers:

FC5014 FC5015 FC5016 FC5023 FC5027
FC5028 FC5030 FC5034 FC5035 FC5036
FC5038 FC5042 FC5050 FC5052

The clasps listed above are 18 mm wide and are designed for a strap with a maximum thickness of 2 mm where it passes through the clasp clamp.

3. If your watch currently has a metal bracelet you will need a new deployment clasp, as the clasp from a metal bracelet cannot be used with a leather strap. Suitable clasps can be found here and here.

4. This strap CANNOT be used with a pin buckle, as it has neither holes, loops nor a cutout for the pin.

More Information
Colour Black
Stitching Colour Silver
Style Sports Perforated
Clasp/Buckle Deployment
Make TAG Heuer
Model Number Monaco,CW2110,CW2111,CW2112,CW2113,CW2114,CW2115,CW2116,CW2117,CW2118,CW2119,CAW211,CAW211A,CAW211B,CAW211C,CAW211D,CAW211M,CAW211N,CAW2110,CAW2111,CAW2113,CAW2114,CAW2115,CAW2116,CAW2117,CAW2118,CAW2119,WW2110,WW2111,WW2112,WW2113,WW2114,WW2115,WW2116,WW