Black Perforated Sports-style leather 22/18 mm pin buckle strap with red stitching & lining to fit TAG Heuer Grand Carrera models with 22 mm lug width

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Color: Black with red stitching & red leather lining

Black perforated sports-style leather pin buckle strap with red stitching & red leather lining to fit the following Grand Carrera models with 22 mm lug width:

* CV2A10

* CV2A11

* CV2A12

* CV2A17

* CV7A10

* CV7A11

* CV7A12

* CAV511A

* CAV511B

* CAV511E

* CAV511G

* CAV514B

* CAV514C

* CAV515B

* CAV515C

* CAV518B

* CAV518H

* CAV5115

* CAV5185

* WAV5111

* WAV5112

* WAV5113

PLEASE NOTE: These straps are ONLY direct replacements for a strap with an 18 mm TAG Heuer pin buckle, which must be removed and fitted to the new strap (a buckle is NOT included with the strap but is available separately if required, see part no. 18MMPB in our clasps & buckles section).

These straps are NOT suitable for use with a deployment clasp.

The straps are 22 mm wide at the watch end, tapering down to 18 mm at the buckle end. Lengths are 120 mm & 80 mm respectively; thickness is approximately 6.5 mm at the watch end and 2.0 mm at the tail. The straps are custom made of genuine leather, with red leather lining.

We offer a twelve-month replacement guarantee on these straps - if the strap is defective in any way, simply return it to us and we will send you a replacement free of charge.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Watchstrapworld ®
Make To Fit: TAG Heuer
Grand Carrera,CV2A10,CV2A11,CV2A12,CV2A17,CV2A1F,CV2A1J,CV2A1X,CV2A80,CV7A10,CV7A11,CV7A12,CAR2A10,CAR2012,CAR2013,CAR2014,CAR2B11,CAR2B80,CAV511A,CAV511B,CAV511E,CAV511G,CAV514B,CAV514C,CAV515B,CAV515C,CAV518B,CAV518H,CAV5115,CAV5185,WAV5111,WAV5112,WAV5113
Colour Black
Stitching Colour Red
Style Sports Perforated

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