Pin & Tube kit for joining metal bracelet links on TAG Heuer Kirium Gents watches listed below

Pin & Tube kit for joining the links on the metal bracelet fitted to the TAG Heuer Kirium gents watches with model numbers listed below:

CL111-0 CL1110 CL1111 CL1112 CL1113 CL1114 CL1115 CL1117 CL1118 CL111A
CL111C CL1180 CL1181 CL1182 CL1183 CL1184 CL2110 CL2111 CL2112 WL1010
WL1011 WL1012 WL1013 WL111D WL111E WL111F WL111G WL1110 WL1111 WL1112
WL1113 WL1114 WL1115 WL1116 WL1117 WL1118 WL1119 WL1180 WL1181 WL5110
WL5111 WL5112 WL5113 WL5114 WL5118 WL5119 WL511A

Until now the only source for these items has been TH themselves, and even then they are often hard to obtain as well as being expensive. Because they are not a standard size it is not possible to use off-the-shelf replacements either.

We can now offer these pins & tubes in the correct size at an affordable price. They are manufactured specially for us in high quality 316L stainless steel.

Each kit contains two pins and two tubes, sufficient to fit two extra links to the bracelet. The pins are removed from the bracelet using a pin removal tool such as our model BPR-1. To fit them, the tube is inserted into the inner section of the link, which is then lined up with the outer section of the adjoining link, and the pin is inserted using a small jeweller's hammer or press.

PLEASE NOTE that these items cannot be used to attach the bracelet to the watch casing or clasp, they are only for joining the links together. The pin & tube kit for attaching the bracelet to the watch is our part number NPTS-1-KIG.

More Information
Colour Silver
Lining N/A
Strap Section Lengths (mm) N/A
Thickness at watch/at clasp (mm) N/A
Style Suede
Clasp/Buckle Pin & Tube
Make TAG Heuer
Model Number Kirium,CL1110,CL1111,CL1112,CL1113,CL1114,CL111A,CL1180,CL1184,CL2110,CL2111,CL2112,WL1010,WL1110,WL1111,WL1112,WL1113,WL1114,WL1115,WL1180,WL5110,WL5111,WL5112,WL5113,WL5114,WL5118,WL5119,WL511A