Pin & Tube kit for joining links on the TAG Heuer Aquaracer steel bracelet model BA0809

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Pin & Tube kit for joining links on the TAG Heuer Aquaracer steel bracelet model BA0809.

This pin and tube kit can be used to join together links on the steel bracelet model BA0809, which is fitted to certain TAG Heuer Aquaracer models. The model number of the bracelet will be shown on your guarantee card after the watch model number, for example CAF2110.BA0809 denotes an Aquaracer model CAF2110 fitted with the BA0809 steel bracelet.

Until now the only source for these items has been TH themselves, and even then they are often hard to obtain as well as being expensive. Because they are not a standard size it is not possible to use off-the-shelf replacements either.

We can now offer these pins & tubes in the correct size at an affordable price. They are manufactured specially for us in high quality 316L stainless steel.

The kit contains a pair of pins and a pair of tubes, sufficient to fit two extra links to the bracelet. The pins are removed from the bracelet using a pin removal tool such as our model BPR-1, and inserted using a small jeweller's hammer or press.

The BA0809 bracelet is commonly fitted to the following Aquaracer models, although they may be used on others as well:

* CAF2110
* CAF2111
* CAF2112
* CAF2113
* CAF2120
* CAP2110
* CAP2111
* CAP2112
* CAP2113
* CAP2120

Please note that these items cannot be used to attach the bracelet to the watch casing or clasp, they are only for joining the bracelet links together.
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Colour Silver
Lining N/A
Strap Section Lengths (mm) N/A
Thickness at watch/at clasp (mm) N/A
Style Suede
Clasp/Buckle Pin & Tube
Make TAG Heuer
Model Number BA0815, BA0833